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Sales of recycled wood chips

Brangeon Recyclage is a close partner and proposes recycled wood chips for sale. We collect wood from industrials, local communities and eco-organisations. Brangeon Recyclage prepares the recycled wood chips and offers a custom-made grain size to meet the customers’ needs. wood-chips-recycled-brangeon

A team of experts available for you

  • We offer you a complete follow-up via a single contact person, during all the provision of services
  • Our skilled team has a real know-how of the production of recycled wood chips and of the whole business
  • We take into account customers’ demands in order to provide a product which complies with their requirements
  • We ensure good customer care, innovation and propose the right solutions
  • We keep a permanent watch on products and processes to optimise them

Custom-made and high quality recycled wood chips

Recycled wood chips are produced from different wood types in order to comply with customers’ requirements: quality, homogeneity and grain size. high-quality-recycled-wood-chips
  • A continuous calorific value
  • A very low humidity level
  • A very low ash level
  • A chlorine free product
  • A regular supply of wood
  • A timely and suitable delivery

An optimised process with guaranteed traceability

wood-chips-efficiency-process-traceability Brangeon Recyclage uses a varied sorting equipment. We work in a concrete storage platform. We provide a high-quality material and a high processing capacity.
  • Our high-tech equipment is eco-friendly and highly efficient: e-shredders, screening machines, granulators, optical separators, scrap sorting via overband, metal sorting by eddy-current technology
  • We analyse and check the quality of the material at each loading or production step: receipt, shredding, screening, shipment
  • We are always looking for optimising the process via a continuous improvement approach applied to receipt, sorting, material preparation and shipment
  • We internally take care of the machine maintenance
  • We deliver in France and abroad

85,000 tons of treated wood a year

100% recovery

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