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Sales of steel scrap

For more than 25 years, Brangeon Recyclage has supplied steel scrap as recycled raw material to steel factories and foundries. Brangeon Recyclage collects and sorts ferrous material so that we could prepare a product which meets our clients’ requirements.


An dedicated team at your service


  • A single contact person to meet all your demands
  • We take into account customers’ needs in order to provide a product which complies with their requirements
  • We establish a close working relationship in order to improve reactivity and to raise new suggestions, at each step of the process
  • Our staff speaks French, English and Spanish and is able to fluently communicate with international customers

A custom-made quality for each customer


  • We collect industrial scraps which are regular and high-quality incoming flows
  • We prepare the material in order to comply with the customers’ requirements: quality, homogeneity, grain size thanks to different process types
  • We propose various delivery methods to meet the given deadline

An efficient process & traceability


  • We use a spectrometer, if necessary, to check the material
  • Our team is trained to cut big pieces of steel scrap (flame cutting)
  • We master different techniques for the ferrous scrap treatment: shearing, cutting, flame cutting
  • We implement a continuous improvement approach at each step of the production (receipt, sorting, material preparation, shipment) for an optimised process
  • We directly deliver steel scrap, in France and abroad
  • We comply with the regulatory obligations and safety conditions

A 25-year experiment in the sale of steel scrap

100,000 tons of steel scrap are produced each year

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