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Sales of Wood for chipboard panels manufacturers

With more than 25 years of experience in collecting and recycling wood, the Groupe Brangeon creates a customised offer for chipboard panels manufacturers, working on behalf of furniture manufacturing and building industries.

A technical team at your disposal

  • A dedicated person gives you a customised advice
  • A 25-year experience and a know-how recognized by various customers who take advantage of our deep acknowledgement of the products and the business
  • We practice customer focus and operate according to specifications: we create a tailor-made offer
  • We are constantly reactive and source of proposals
  • We have implemented a management system through quality
  • We keep a permanent watch on products and process improvement

A high-quality material that complies with the specifications

Thanks to our process and equipment, we are able to offer chipboard panels manufacturers a product that meets their needs: quality, homogeneity and grain size, while meeting the delivery dates.  
  • A grain size between 10 and 120 mm adapted to customer requirements
  • A control of ferrous, metals, plastic, dirt rates…
  • A humidity between 7 and 28 % that meets every customer specifications
  • A MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) lower than 2,5 %
  • Regular flows and short storage time ensure the freshness of the product
  • Our in-house laboratory let us testing and analysing
  • The shred only contains a very low rate of fines
  • We secure the continuity of wood supply
  • We meet deadlines and delivery methods

An innovative process, unique in France, combining performance and traceability


Brangeon Recyclage uses an innovative and diversified sorting equipment, on a concrete storage platform. It guarantees an optimal quality of the material and a big processing capacity. Visuel-Bois-panneautier-(1)
  • We use a high-tech equipment which is innovative, environment-friendly and high-performance: E-shredders, separators, granulators, optical sorting, scrap sorting via overband, metal sorting via eddy current, medium density fibreboard and plastic sorting
  • Thorough analysis and quality control are made by an in-house laboratory, before each loading and production step: receiving, shredding, separating, shipping
  • We apply continuous improvement method at each step of the process (receiving, sorting, preparing, shipping of the materials) in order to optimise it
  • Our own technicians regularly take care of the machine maintenance
  • We supply various customers in France and abroad and can deliver different countries

A 25-year experience in wood recycling

75,000 tons of wood recycled in chipboard panels

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