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Trade of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)

Brangeon Recyclage is an expert in collecting and recycling materials. It has been manufacturing and trading Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), as raw materials, since 2016. This product is composed of a mix of various materials. We make sure that we have a continuous supply all over the year in order to meet each customers’ requirement.


A team of experts available for you


  • A single contact person gives custom-made advice
  • Our customers benefit from our know-how and our manufacturing process
  • We are attentive to our customers in order to understand their expectations and offer them a tailor-made product
  • We believe in a close work relationship that makes us reactive and efficient
  • We are always looking for optimising our service

A high-quality SRF to meet customers’ expectations

We meticulously select each material and produce SRF in order to make its quality, homogeneity and grain size meet the customers’ requirements.

  • A continuous calorific value
  • A custom-made grain size since 0/20
  • A very low humidity level
  • A very low ash content
  • A chlorine level lower than 0.4%
  • A continuous quality
  • A SRF supply which fits nozzle and pre-calciner
  • A timely and suitable delivery

An organization which combines efficiency and traceability


  • We select incoming products so that our SRF is high-quality and homogenous
  • We analyse and characterise the product at each step of the process
  • We ensure the traceability of the product
  • We roll out a continuous improvement approach because we are looking for optimisation at each step of the process (receipt, sorting, preparation of the material, shipment)
  • We ensure safety (material, process, freight)
  • We deliver with our fleet in France and abroad

42,000 tons of SRF produced

each year

Custom-made grain size :

from 0/20 to 0/250

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