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Sales of recycled raw materials

Brangeon Recyclage has been a general waste management expert for more than 20 years. It offers to its customers a large choice of recycled raw materials for sale: Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), wood fuel, compost, steel scrap, metal scrap, wood particles panels…


Our assets


  • We provide high-quality raw materials which are secured by various analysis and innovative process of recovery, in order to comply with customers’ requirements
  • We ensure traceability during all the process
  • A subsidiary of the Group, Brangeon Transports et Logistique, owns specific vehicles dedicated to the transport of recycled raw material
  • We are able to recycle on our own and via recycling partners
  • We directly deliver in France and abroad
  • We take advantage of an internal freight organisation

Our Recyling Process

The circular economy may focus on using resources efficiently and limiting our impact on the environment. So, a good waste management, with recycling as a priority remedy, is one of the basic features of this system.

Aware of these issues to protect the environment, the Brangeon Group is continuously innovating and optimizing its recycling process. Every day, our teams are working on collecting, carrying, preparing and recycling wastes to convert them into recycled raw materials.

The Brangeon Group vision of recycling is combining innovation and environmental performance.

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A continuous security at each step of the process

security recycled materials

  • We develop health and safety culture at work, in order to prevent professional risks
  • We require a high level of safety from the customers’ demand until the delivery
  • We ask our staff to respect the security conditions in our yards but also in our clients’ ones
  • We encourage exchanges between teams concerning work conditions
  • We organise security visits to be sure that the safety instructions are relevant and respected

Sale of recycled raw materials

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